Friday, December 6, 2013

So...A Record

I am so thankful for this little blog 'o mine and the record that it has become.

My feelings about blogging are mixed.  I see the pros and cons of blogging and my feelings about whether or not I should continue blogging kinda ebbs and flows between the benefits and the harms of social media (blah blah blah). 

But I am always glad, when I go back and read past posts, that I have continued to blog regardless of how I felt at the time.  I am always glad I didn't stop for whatever fleeting moment may have led me to quit.  I am so glad for the record I have. 

And so I keep blogging.  I keep pushing through :)

I've been reading some old posts and wanted to share some of my favorites and some that are meaningful to me.  Regardless of what this blog is to anyone else, I am so glad for what it has been for me.  And if you are new to this blog (let's be honest're all either related to me or might as well be :) ) these should get you caught up.

This blog is coming up on it's five year anniversary.
Here are some of the goodies from the last five years::
(there are a lot and they are in no particular order.)

And some of the posts I'm most thankful to have are::

I'm pretty proud of this record I have accumulated here on So Buttons and look forward to adding to it.  This blog has really been a blessing to me and I'm thankful for the support I feel here.

Thanks for sticking around for the past five years.
Thanks for not being too bored with my life and what I have to say...or at least pretending not to be.
That really is so thoughtful of you. :) may also like::
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Thanks for stopping by!


Mercedes said...

I understand how important keeping a record is, it is such a wonderful thing to be able to go back and read it. But I know your kids are going to love it even more! Thanks for writing. I love reading your blog (even if I don't always comment). You are such an amazing person/mother/wife. You give me strength and hope that I can grow and become more like you! Thanks for 'pushing through'. :)

Kathy said...

Thanks for your posts!