Tuesday, December 3, 2013

So...On Making A Change

one year nail-biting free
On my Dad's 60th birthday, I asked him to share with me some of the most important lessons he has learned in the first 60 years of his life.  One lesson he shared with me is that it's never too late to change.  He used biting his nails as an example.  He bit his nails his whole life, and he broke the habit when he was 50.  Even though the example was simple, the lesson was profound and important.
At the beginning of 2013 I stopped biting my nails too.  And look at me!  I haven't bit them all year!
In another conversation I had with my father just about a month ago, he commented on how some of the most significant changes he has made in his life just happened, with no grand declaration of his intent to change - just a simple prompting, thought, and decision to make a change and then it stuck.  This has been true for me too. 
I have made a few significant changes in my life.  I have conquered some pretty bad habits and lifestyle choices.  I have established some good habits, practices, and lifestyle choices in the same way.  I seem to have the most success from the silent commitment of my heart rather than the grand public declaration of my words.  I have had success in those small moments when I just decide to make the change and then do it.
Each change I have made didn't work the first time.  Some didn't even work the second.  Some changes I am still working on.  But when the timing was right, and my desires were true, I have been successful just by deciding to make the change and changing - one choice at a time.  
In the case of my nails, as well as others, the longer I go without biting my nails the less I want to bite them.  Biting my nails now would seem so silly - like all that time I spent not biting them would have been for nothing.  I gain my strength and support as time passes and I continue to make the choice I want to be making.  And looking down at my nails and seeing that success gives me confidence that I can conquer other habits I want to kick or changes I want to make in my life. 

Life is all about learning and growing and overcoming our weaknesses.
I can easily get discouraged and impatient seeing all the work that needs to be done and not being able to conquer it all right now.  I am learning to be patient and to tackle one thing at a time.  Talking with my dad about these things was so inspiring. 

It's never too late to change.
It's never too late to be the people we want to be.
And it's never too late to try again - even if it didn't work the first time. 

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Sandy said...

Very encouraging, especially as a new year approaches.

Autumn said...

Thanks. Needed this. :)