Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So...I Really Love Life

Today in the car Second Daughter said, "Mom, I really love life....I really do."
It made my heart so warm and my nose tingle like I was going to cry.

I've been worrying a lot lately about my sweet middle daughter - wondering if she's getting enough, how she's feeling, what she's experiencing and internalizing, and what I can do more for her. 

Second Daughter is an emotional roller coaster.
She goes so far up and so far down in a matter of seconds.
She is dramatic, she is sensitive, she is emotional. 
I love her to pieces.

Last night I prayed that she would be happy.  That she would feel how much we love her. 
I prayed to know how best to help her and how to be what she needs me to be.

I'm always worrying about my kids. Lately it's been focused mostly on Second Daughter.  Our sweet Little Middle.

So today when she, completely out of the blue and completely unprompted, said that she really loves life, I felt like it was a little gift letting me know that everything is OK.

I really love when that happens.
A sweet moment of relief when I know everything is going to be OK.

It reminded me this and this - two poems I wrote while going through a similar phase with First Daughter.  Makes me think it may be time to get the old poetry notepad out again.  It always seems to help me make sense of my life.  :)

And for the record...
I really love life too Second Daughter.
I really do.


Sandy said...

I loved both of your poems.

Autumn said...

You are SUCH a good Mom :)