Friday, October 26, 2012


It's Friday people.
Can I get a "Hallelujah?"

This week has felt wonderful.
Tiring in all the best ways.
Being busy working hard doing great things.
And now the weekend is here!

This morning Third Daughter is having a play date.
She doesn't get many of those, but when she does she's ecstatic.
I can hear the little girlies up in the playroom chatting away.
Girls are so fun and I'm so glad I have three of them.

Son is taking his morning snooze.
He is nine months old today.
I can hardly believe it.
My plan for today is to get to the mall to get his picture taken.
He has yet to get a photo taken in a studio and I think today may be the day.
Hopefully it works out :)

Fridays are early out days at our kids' school.
This afternoon we may head over to the library to exchange our basket of books for some new ones.
We're not quite done with our read-a-loud book The Boxcar Children #2 so we will be renewing it.
I will not be checking anything out for myself.
I am still plugging away at The House of the Seven Gables for book club.

I love taking the kids to the library.
I love that they love reading.
I love reading with them.

Our week of no electronics has been wonderful, but will be coming to an end this evening.
The girlies will get to have movie night with a babysitter and they will be watching the new Tinkerbell movie.  Perhaps with some kettle corn.
Part of me wants to keep the TV off.
I don't think we will, but I think we will be implementing some sort of limitations.
Having the TV off is so nice.

Husband and I have date night tonight.
Dating my Husband is the best decision I ever made.
Continuing to date him is a close second.
Not sure what we'll do tonight, but it so doesn't even matter.
That's the beauty of date night.
We get a babysitter, and we are free.
All we know is we'll be together and that's all that matters.

Being with Husband is my favorite thing to do.
He truly is my best friend.
He is my favorite person to be with.
He is my favorite person to talk with.
He is my favorite person to sit with.
He is my favorite person to flirt with.
He is my favorite person to laugh with.
He is just my favorite person.

Happy Friday everyone!
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