Thursday, June 14, 2012

So...A Summer Day

This morning we woke up to sunshine.
It felt so good.

First Daughter went to summer camp.
One (of the many) things we're enjoying about our Title One school - they have a $25 summer camp.
It's awesome.
And First Daughter loves it.

After finishing up some of our morning chores, I took the other three kiddos with me to the gym.
I am so grateful for the gym!
It makes me a better mother.
And no, I am not trying to convince myself that's true.  It just is.

The workout was great.
We stopped at Super Sonic car wash on the way home to pick up a car wash booklet for Father's Day.
Shhh - it's a surprise.

Then we stopped by our favorite drive thru convenient store for our regular - a 32 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper and three Smarties suckers.  I hope the kiddos have fond memories of that little tradition and don't hate me when their teeth rot out.

No seriously.
I'd feel really bad if that happened.
But we'll probably keep getting the suckers.

The morning was great.
A typical summer day for us so far.

I pulled into our driveway.  The kids wanted to stay in the car to finish the episode of Tom & Jerry they were watching.  I let them while I brought Son into the house.  With only one kid in tow, I overestimated my ability to carry all my other things inside with him.  I spilled my drink all over the driveway.  It made me so sad.

But, it serves me right for getting a large diet soda right after my workout.
Probably not the best choice.
But oh...I wanted it so bad.

Next time I'll put first things first when transferring kids and stuff from the car to the house.
I'll get my priorities straight.

Soda first.

Just kidding.
Of course the baby comes first.

But seriously....

I hope you all are loving summer as much as we are.
I love having my kiddos home with me.
Of course it's challenging to keep them from fighting and from driving me crazy, but still I love having them here.  It just feels good.

Summer around here has a comfortable rhythm for us and we are loving it.

And tonight - we're having waffles!


Autumn said...

"soda first" LOL

The Yuan Fam said...

Oh man, I love it!! I've had some very similar things happen. Priorities right?!! Can't wait to see you!!

Kelly said...

Okay...what drive thru are you talking about, I would love to know where it is.