Sunday, June 10, 2012

So...Things I'm Learning Through Motherhood::06

06::Take Your Own Advice.

When I was a new mother everyone had something to say about everything.
I got advice from every direction on how to do this or that when it comes to pregnancy and parenting.
In fact, when it came to anything.
And come to think of it, it has continued even now when I no longer am a "new" mother.
People always have something to say about everything.

You can drive yourself crazy thinking about all of the things you should and shouldn't do in pregnancy and motherhood. And the kicker is, most of the advice you get will contradict other advice you get.  There is no way to do everything right according to everyone you talk to.

My doctor told me many times that for every piece of advice you read in a book, there's at least one other book that will give you the exact opposite advice. Perfect.

Don't get me wrong - it is good to be as informed as you can be.
Read books.
Seek advice from friends and doctors.
Knowledge definitely can be power.
But don't get too caught up and stressed about doing everything that everyone tells you.
Trust your insticts.
Trust your ability to seek and receive guidance.
Trust your abilities.
And be careful reading blogs.  :)

Bottom line, you are the parent. You know your body. You know your kid better than anyone else. You know yourself better than anyone else. You will figure out what works for you and what doesn't.

Some of the things that work you will find in a book.
Some of them you won't.
Some of them will go against everything the books tell you to do - like letting your baby take a bottle to bed. {All three of mine did it and all three of them are just fine.}

A wise woman told me at my baby shower that the best advice is to not listen to any advice. Trust in yourself and your own abilities. Do what works for you - not what works for someone else. I have found this to be so helpful in motherhood, as well as other areas in my life.

There is so much value in learning from the experience of others and listening to different ways to do things, but learning to find your own answers and having the courage to do what is best for you is invaluable. It is a skill that I am gradually learning and practicing everyday.

And you know what?
Prayer helps.
A lot.

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I'm no expert - here's my disclaimer

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Autumn said...

needed to read this post today, thanks. I put all my babies to bed with a bottle too :o