Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So...Look At Me Go

I ran the Pink Series half marathon this past weekend in Park City.
It was my third half and I must admit, I'm growing quite fond of the 13.1 races.
There is something so thrilling about achieving something that feels just barely out of my reach.
No matter how prepared I am, no matter how well I've trained, 13.1 miles always feels just barely out of my reach.

Half marathons are mostly mental. 
There is no debating that.
And it feels so good to feel like I've mastered myself - mentally and physically - at least for those 2.5-ish hours of the race.

I wish I had some pictures of the race route.
I saw some runners stopping to snap shots with their iphones along the way.
I don't run with music, so I wasn't equipped to document the beautiful event.

Fall is still full-fledged around here.
The yellow aspens brilliantly lined most of the trail we followed.
The canyon was flooded with oranges and reds on my drive up to Park City.
I love fall so deeply.
Fall feels like home.

I love those quiet moments alone while I run.
It's refreshing and empowering.
I love the thoughts and insights that come freely while my body is working hard.

Here are some that I remember from this race:

::I am doing this.  I can't believe I'm doing this.
::13 miles is really far.  This really doesn't feel natural.
::Even though I don't know those people, it feels like they're cheering for me. 
::Running a race is kind of like life.
::I don't really care if I win.  I'm pretty sure I'll never win a race.
::My goal never was to win.  My goal was to run it.  And finish.
::I love that I don't care that people are passing me.  I wish I was like that about other things in life!
::Running this far is hard.
::Nobody can run this race for me.
::There's nothing anybody can do to make this easier for me.
::There's nobody here to tell how hard this is right now.  Except maybe that person next to me.  I wonder if it's hard for her too?  Who am I kidding - of course it is.
::Thinking about how hard this is won't make it any easier.
::Stay positive. You are awesome.
::Look at us go!
::If I ever own a chihuahua I think I'll name him Churro.
::I could really go for a Kneaders sandwich right now.
::Those yellow trees are gorgeous!
::Will this hill ever end?
::I'm really glad it's not snowing.
::My elbows are really sweaty.
::I want to stop.  No I don't.  This race will eventually end.  I can keep going.
::I think I can walk faster than I'm running right now.
::I don't even care - look at me go!
::My legs are on fire.
::Forget that - my legs are jello.
::Our bodies are capable of so much more than we know.
::Is that the finish line?
::I think I can hear it!
::I can't believe I'm doing this.
::This is so awesome.
::Look at me go.

Wish I had a picture to document the day, but I was flying solo that day so no photo op.
Oh well.
I guess I'll just have to run another :)

Half #1
Half #2


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Good work! I totally agree with your thoughts on is the perfect distance. Really far and seems crazy hard, but just short enough that it seems possible (and it is!)

Mercedes said...

Wow, I'm impressed. I don't know that I could ever do a half marathon! And you've done THREE!! Way to go :) And thanks for your words of encouragement. They are always nice to hear.

Sandy said...

this should have been new business at FHE. We would have loved to have known.