Thursday, January 20, 2011

So...Never Listen

Never Listen

She’ll tell you that no one likes you
Or that everyone thinks your strange.
She may even try to convince you
That you need to change
In order to fit in
In order to look good.
She reminds you of all of the things
You’re not doing that you should.
She makes you feel guilty.
She makes you feel lazy.
She makes you feel selfish.
She makes you feel crazy.
When she starts to whisper
And all of her lies begin
When you hear her small voice in your head
Never listen.

Poetic Asides PAD Challenge April 2009: Day 29


Julie J. said...

very good.

Quinn, Allison, Rylee and Cailyn McNamara said...

you have such a way with words. this is a much needed reminder for me...

Autumn said...

I so needed this today. Thanks.