Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Memories 070::Christmas Edition

 waiting on the stairs, Christmas morning 2012

Our Christmas mornings start with the kids lining up and waiting on the stairs.
It's a fun teaser to add to the anticipation of Christmas morning, and a chance for Mom to get her camera reading before the kiddos see their loot from Santa.

Third Daughter was not happy about this tradition. :)
When I told her to wait on the stairs, she thought that meant she wasn't getting her presents.
You see...the stairs is where our kids sit in time out. 
She misunderstood why I was asking her to wait on the stairs.
Is it mean that I thought that was funny?  :)

When I was a kid we had the same tradition.  We would line up on the stairs, youngest to oldest, and then our parents would go check to see if Santa came before we were allowed to see our presents.  It added to the anticipation and was pretty fun. 

I think our kids like it too.
Christmas morning is so fun!
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