Friday, January 21, 2011 was a great day

I took First Daughter to the dentist today to get some cavities filled. There's nothing that makes me feel like a stellar mom than taking my daughter to the dentist (after three years of not going) and finding out she has cavities in 7 of her 8 molars. Awesome. Go me.

Regardless of my lack-of-awesomeness, First Daughter was a rockstar in that chair. She didn't flinch, wimper, cry, or wince once. She held my hand the whole time and only squeezed slighty while the doctor drilled the "bugs" out. She was so brave, so grown up, and really just so awesome. Even though I felt like a loser mom today in the dental hygiene department, I couldn't have been prouder of my little one. She's the best. I rewarded her awesomeness with her choice - a Neopolitan shake from In 'N Out. Her favorite.

We both got a few laughs in over her numb cheek and lips. Man oh man do I wish I had a picture of that post-filling smile. It was lop-sided and priceless.

Tonight Husband is gone on a Klondike with the scouts. I do not envy him. Thinking about camping in the cold snowy mountains just makes me shiver. Tonight I am especially thankful for my warm house and comfy bed. Winter camping? No thank you.

The girlies and I had a great night in. We've been moving some furniture around and cleaning some things out, trying to get our house ready to sell. Tonight this process brought our queen-sized matress into the family room and inspired some giant pillow bed trampoline time followed by a popcorn, movie, and slumber party.
Pretty sure they had a blast.
We ate popcorn, animal crackers, and watched Enchanted.
When the movie was over we read a few chapters from the Magic Tree House - our new favorite series.
We stayed up way too late, but it was so totally worth it.

Photobucket I may just have to join them in the family bed tonight.
Looks like some serious snuggling opportunities.
Don't think I can resist.


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

You are such a fun mom :) Mattress in the living room is bringing sleepover to a whole new level!

Amy and Arthur said...

A Klondike huh?! Sounds vicious. But what a fun night you got to spend with those three little angels. Good times!!

Kelly said...

You are a mom I truly admire! Your girls are very lucky!

Hannah said...

Every kid's dream. How fun! Your girls are completely darling.

Jenna said...

My children had a slumber party last week with friends and cousins. They told me that they enjoyed it so much. Tomorrow, my youngest son will visit our trusted cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles for a check-up. He's so excited about it which is fun. Her sister hates the dentist, that's why. He might get braces if the dentist will say so.