Saturday, February 23, 2013


I feel tired.
Really really tired.
The kind of tired that makes it hard to decide between a nap and a good cry.

But when I think about it, and why I feel so tired, there really is nothing to complain about.
Our lives right now are full of the good kind of challenges.
Kids, work, church callings, marriage, family relationships, friends, homework, housework, etc.
Exhausting things that all have their challenges, but good challenges.
And I feel very lucky and blessed.
Life is just tiring - it is.
Even when life is good - it is tiring.
But most of the time the things that are exhausting are so worth the effort.

There have been times in the past when such challenges would feel like more than I can handle.
I would break down and a good could easily become a bad. 
Lately, things have been going well.  Not perfect, but well.
I've been working hard at being patient, staying positive, and keeping perspective when life feels hard. 
Husband is helping me with this and I am so thankful for him and his steadiness.

Right now life feels full and life feels good.
Despite the challenges, we are pressing forward and it feels great.
We are learning and growing together and it feels wonderful.
For real...not just for pretend...and not just for my blog...
I am thankful.
me and my lover boy - one of my favorite parts of each day
And I am incredibly inspired by people who face ginormous, unimaginable trials with grace, faith, and gratitude.  One friend in particular, has been constantly on my mind.  She amazes me and inspires me every day.  She always has, and continues to as she faces a new, tremendous challenge.

Realizing and witnessing the trials that people, like my friend and others, face every day, makes it a no brainer for me to be happy and grateful for my life and its challenges.
I will take them.
Every day I will take them.
And I will try my best to be happy and grateful no matter how tired I feel.

There definitely are worse, and much more difficult things, than feeling tired.
And there definitely are wonderful things, that make feeling tired so totally worth it. may also like::
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