Monday, June 8, 2009

So...if I could change one thing about my life...

...I wouldn't.

Today was not my best day as a mom. It wasn't my worst - thank heavens for that - but it wasn't my best. The Daughters were bothering me. They were bothering each other. I wasn't doing anything about it. We watch more TV than we should've. I was having a hard time being excited or enthusiastic about anything. It was one of those days that I was just waiting to end. Sad, I know. But that's how it was.

My family went to bed very early tonight. Daughters went to bed at around the normal time, 8:30, but then Husband immediately went to bed too. Early night. I should have gone to bed too, but of course I didn't. Nightime is my time to regroup, reflect, and recharge for tomorrow. Even though I'm incredibly tired myself, this time awake and alone will be better than any extra hour of sleep I could've gotten. This time helps me remember why I do it. This time is when I can remember how much First Daughter grows up everyday and how I don't want to miss it. This time is when aI can remember all the funny things Second Daughter said today and maybe even write down a few of them. This is the time that I can actually sit down and see how sweet, cuddly, and perfect Third Daughter is - especially when she's sleeping in my arms. This is my time.

And so even after this day that dragged on and on and on and seemed to never end...
after my quiet time alone to reflect...
I can honestly say, that if I could change one thing about my life -

I wouldn't.

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