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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So...Camera Shy


One of my favorite things is having updated pictures of my kids.
It makes me so happy.
I try to get their pictures taken at least once a year - more during their first year - and it was time to get all the kiddos' birthday pictures.

I must tell you about Camera Shy.
They are my new favorite find.

These shots our from a photo shoot they took of our kiddos a week ago.
The session was 45 minutes long.  I could pick and choose between backgrounds, group shots, individuals, outfit changes - anything I wanted - in the 45 minute time slot.

After the shoot, we waited 1 hour while they edited the shots.  (We grabbed some lunch while we waited).  When we came back they had a slide show ready for us to view the shots (which all turned out adorable) and I felt zero pressure to buy prints or packages, add embellishments, or anything else that cost extra money.  And to be honest, that made me want to buy prints even more! 
If I wanted to buy prints, they were only $4 per sheet.

The whole experience was only $89 total and that included a CD with 45-50 edited shots that I could take home with me and print whenever I wanted. 
Amazing, right???  I definitely thought so.

There was no sitting fee per child.
There was no extra cost for the copyrights to the photos.
There was no scheme to get me to purchase extra sheets (we're just going to throw out these pictures of your kids we already printed...unless you want to buy them).
There was no wasting of my time looking through montages, borders, special effects, and what-not that I wasn't interested in.
And the sheets that I got printed were ready instantly.  Like in 5 minutes.
It was the most amazing photo shoot experience of my life.

PLUS - they have adorable backgrounds (real backgrounds, not backdrops), cute furniture and props, and bright fun colors to add to your shots.

I really really loved our experience at Camera Shy and feel the need to tell everyone about it!
No, they did not ask me to spread the word, and no I am not getting compensated for posting about this (this isn't that kind of blog anyway :) ).
I just wanted to let you know about this amazing find.
If you live in the area, or are coming in town any time soon, call and schedule an appointment.
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So...Pinworthy::Cleaning the Dishwasher

I have a board on pinterest called "to do" filled with all sorts of things that I actually want to try, not just collect for safe keeping like most of the other things I pin.

Today I decided to try one of them::

How to Clean Your Dishwasher

My dishwasher is old and kind of nasty.
When I saw this pin floating around, I was excited to snag it and try it out myself.
If anything, it was the motivation I needed to tackled that nasty job of scrubbing my yucky dishwasher - which, by the way, one would want to keep clean since it's supposed to be cleaning one's dishes once or twice a day...
Did I mention it was nasty?

So today was the day.
Immediately after I emptied the dishes (and before it was piled full again, like it usually is) I pulled up my pin and followed the instructions. 

First, the white vinegar. 
This was supposed to clean off all the grease and build up on the inside of the dishwasher.
I don't know if mine was just too old and too dirty, but I was not really impressed with the results.
I ended up scrubbing the inside with soft scrub and a coarse sponge, which seemed to do the job nicely.
I scrubbed the inside of the door and the bottom, underneath the rack.
I poured clean water onto it to clean off the excess soft scrub.
Like I said, if anything the pin got me motivated to actually get in there and clean.

I then followed the next step.  The baking soda.
This definitely freshened up the inside of the washer and finished the job.

Now, mine doesn't look as sparkling clean and new like the one on the pin, but for how old, nasty, and dingy mine was before, it looks pretty good.  If I had put a little thought into this impromptu project I would have had some before pictures to show you, but I don't.
Trust me, it's probably better for everyone that I don't...

The original post also had some great tips for making your dishwasher run more effectively and for keeping it clean.  Definitely some things I want to try.

It feels so nice to have a clean dishwasher.
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Friday, September 28, 2012


I absolutely love this commercial.
Like, L.O.V.E.

And on a similar, yet different note...
The only beauty tip I have:

The best thing for your hair, skin, and body -

I totally believe it.

Sweat everyday.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

So...Granola Bars

{picture via Make&Takes}
I have had this recipe for granola bars starred and saved for a year or so. I haven't made them in quite some time and boy have I missed them. They are so very good.

Better than any granola bars I've bought {and cheaper}.
Better than most {not all} cookies.
Easy to make, with ingredients I almost always have on hand.
Triple win.

You can subsitute the mini-M&Ms for anything - I usually do butterscotch + choc. chips, but you could do raisins, craisins, peanuts, reeses pieces, white choc. chips, whatever.
Let your imagination go wild, or use whatever you have on hand.
I imagine they are all equally delicious.

Plus, they can be individually wrapped and packed.
Wouldn't mind one of these babies in your school lunch, would ya?
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So...Best Mix EVER

I label all my burned CDs with a sharpy.
This one is labeled "Best Mix EVER."

Patience::Guns N Roses
Dream On::Aerosmith
Crazy On You::Heart
Fortunate Son::Creedence Clearwater Revival
Tuesday's Gone::Lynard Skynard
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds::The Beatles
The Boxer::Simon & Garfunkel
Cashmire::Led Zepplin
Born To Run::Bruce Springstein
Last Dance With Mary Jane::Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Take A Walk on The Wild Side::Lou Reed
Ramblin Man::Allman Brothers
Beast of Burden::The Rolling Stones
Wish You Were Here::Pink Floyd

I have to admit, it is a good one.
Some of my most favorite songs from some of my most favorite bands.
Each one of these bands has an album I can listen to start to finish.

Even though I am currently a high schooler at heart, these songs are what I really listened to in high school.
See, I used to be pretty cool. I swear. Once upon a time.

In fact, I saw five of these bands in concert.
Any guess which five?

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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Siddartha. One of my favorite books.

I read it for the first time in my high school junior English class. I loved it then.

I read it again in 2007. I loved it then too.

Thanksgiving day, my cousin asked me why I loved it. She had read it because she knew I loved it, and was curious why it was a favorite of mine. I couldn't remember. I just remembered I loved it.

Last week I read it again. And I still love it.

Siddartha is the story of a man's journey to find himself - to find Zen. He realizes that he cannot rely on the teachings of others. In order for him to learn, he needed to experience.

After reading it again, and trying to remember why I loved it so much, I realized that I loved this book for different reasons each time I read it.

When I first read it, I was in the "I need to find out for myself who I am and what I believe" phase of life. I was exploring and searching and trying to find my independence - in action, thought, and belief. Siddartha inspired me. His journey was lonely, but it was necessary. That is how I felt at sixteen.

"Many people have to change a great deal and wear all sorts of clothes." -Siddartha p.114

When I read it for the second time, I again was in a soul-searching stage of life. I had just had Second Daughter. I was suffering from postpartum depression. I was having a bit of an identity crisis. Once again, I was trying to find myself. It felt like everything I knew about myself and about my life had been turned upside down. I was frantically searching for something to grab on to, to pull my head back above water. Once again, Siddartha inspired me. He showed courage and determination on his quest to find peace. He did what he needed to do. He recognized his strengths, and he used them to accomplish his goals.

"Everyone can reach his goal, if he can think, wait, and fast." -Siddartha p.50

This time, I read Siddartha in a different state of mind. This time, I was not so desperate to find any answers. This time, I just read it. And again, Siddartha inspired me.

"When someone is happens quite easily that he only sees the thing that he is seeking; that he is unable to find anything, unable to absorb anything, because he is only thinking of the thing he is seeking, because he has a goal, because he is obsessed with his goal. Seeking means to have a goal; but finding mean to be free, to be receptive, to have no goal." -Siddartha p.113

For the record, there is one thing I don't agree with in Siddartha. I do not believe that one must experience everything in order to find one's self. Example:: I do not believe that destructive behavior is needed to understand productive behavior. I do not believe that you have to experience in order to learn. Yes, there is a different understanding that comes through experience, but it is not necessary.

Unlike Siddartha, I believe there is much value in learning from the experiences and teachings of others, especially when it comes to avoiding sorrow, pain, and destruction. However, I do believe that there is much value to learn from various lifestyles and from those that are different from us.

Ok, that's all I have to say about that.
I recommend reading Siddartha.
It's a pretty quick read and still one of my favs. may also like:
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So...A Playlist

Bring Me to Life::Evanescence
I Don't Wanna Be::Gavin DeGraw
All Around Me::Flyleaf
When I Look At You::Miley Cyrus
Undiscovered::Ashlee Simpson
The Reason::Hoobastank
Viva la Vida::Coldplay
Only One::Yellowcard
Love Me for Me::Ashlee Simpson
I'm in Love with a Girl::Gavin DeGraw
Everytime::Britney Spears
Bubble Toes::Jack Johnson
When You're Gone::Avril Lavigne
Hanging By a Moment::Lifehouse
The Climb::No Doubt
Chasing Cars::Snow Patrol
My Immortal::Evanescence
You and Me::Lifehouse
Another secret about me::I am a high schooler at heart.
Oh, and::I'm an Ashlee Simpson fan.

There is something very appealing to me about getting in the car, popping this baby in, and just driving. These songs speak to a part of my soul that doesn't get much recognition these days. I am a grown up now after all.

Some of these songs are from my past; some are more recent; all would have served as much needed therapy for my overactive teenage heart.

I made this mix for a friend of mine, but the's for me too.
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Friday, February 11, 2011

So...Favorite Flicks for Valentine's


Any of these would be a perfect movie to snuggle up to with your love.
Or...a cozy blanket and your favorite ice cream.

As for me...I will be watching The Proposal.
It's been waiting patiently for me in my Netflix instant queue for quite some time now.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So...what we did on MLK Day

We made donuts.

We are in save-every-penny mode and this MLK Day, that led us to making homemade donuts. With yesterday being a holiday, we normally would have done something special like get donuts for breakfast. The girls asked and I gave my usual answer as of late, "Remember, we're saving our money. We're only buying things we need." But then I remembered a recent post of a friend of mine about making homemade donuts. I thought we would try.

We used the Pioneer Woman's recipe. Even with some time-saving cheats, they turned out delicious (and gorgeous). My only complaint - this isn't a great recipe to make with small children. Too much waiting.

If you want to try making donuts with children, I would suggest trying a recipe similar to the one over at Make & Takes, or any non-yeast donut recipe. No waiting for dough to rise. When dealing with sizzling oil on the stovetop and small children in the kitchen, I say reduce as much stress as possible. I did not follow this advice today.

I'd say homemade donuts were a hit today, and according to First Daughter today was "the best day ever!"

How did you spend your MLK day off?

Monday, January 3, 2011

So...Carl Bloch: Master's Hand

So...I saw the Carl Bloch: Master's Hand exhibit at BYU, and you should too.

The BYU Art Museum is a treasure of culture and fine art located in the heart of Provo, and right now they are hosting a Carl Bloch exhibit. It features original masterpiece paintings of Christ.

This depiction of Christ In Gethsemene is my favorite and it is included in the BYU exhibit. The painting is larger than life. There are no words to describe the power of this painting. It is overwhelming. It is heartwrenching. It is tender. It is love.

If you live within driving distance of BYU, or plan on visiting sometime between now and May, plan a trip to this exhibit. You won't regret it - I promise.

The exhibit is open Mon-Sat and tickets are free.
Reserve yours here.
And if you need someone to go with (or someone to watch your kids while you go) give me a call - I'm up for either one!