Monday, February 18, 2013

So...This Time

I love this time. 
My time in bed before sleep.

We've said prayers and tucked the kiddos snuggly in their beds.
I can still hear them in the next room humming and fidgetting, trying to settle down to sleep.
The three girlies still do pretty well in the same room and that makes me happy.
I love to hear their conversations (even when their being naughty and getting out of bed) and know that they are developing their own relationships with each other.  It is so awesome.

The house is still and quiet downstairs.
Husband and I are winding down. 
He on his computer, me on mine.
Our time apart before some time together.
Our way of unwinding after the whirlwind of our night time routine.

Our bedroom window has officially opened for the Spring.
It's a bit earlier than most, but I love it. 
I love to hear the faint hum of the freeway and the smell of cold night air seeping through our window. 
It is so refreshing and so wonderful. 
I love cool nights, warm jammies, socks, and cozy blankets.

We have a full week ahead of us.
School, work, music lessons, church callings, a special visit, date night, and a family dinner.
So many good things.

I'm thankful for weekends and down time to balance out the busy.
I'm thankful for quiet moments each night before bed to reflect on the good and gear up for the next day.
I'm thankful for break through moments with the kiddos.
I'm thankful for subtle confirmations that life sure is good and though we're not perfect, we're doing a pretty good job.

Keep on keepin' on everybody.
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The Yuan Fam said...

I think you're great and I love you!!!