Monday, May 13, 2013

So...Growing a Baby is Not Nothing

"You are so lucky you have such easy pregnancies..." is a phrase I have heard many times from my mother. 
I never quite know how to respond to this. 
Oh, I know...?
Actually, here's what's difficult about my pregnancies...?
I usually end up saying something like "Ya, it definitely could be way worse - I feel really lucky..." which is totally true, but I always feel awkward saying it.

The truth is, I am very lucky to have good pregnancies.
I haven't ever had any complications.
I have given birth to four healthy babies.
I have normal blood pressure, normal blood sugar, normal etc. etc.
I'm not high risk of anything.
For the most part, I feel pretty good.
And my body goes back to normal when it's all said and done (for the most part...)

But honestly, is there anything easy about pregnancy?
Worth it - absolutely yes, but easy? I'm gonna have to say no.

I am lucky that I don't have a super hard time physically.
I feel sick and yucky, but I'm not super sick or sick throughout the entire pregnancy.
I get big and uncomfortable, but my body still works and I don't have any major pain.
I have trouble sleeping, but have found remedies that help.

The toughest part for me during each pregnancy and post-pregnancy transition is not being myself.
I feel more limited in my energy, physical abilities, and emotional capacity.
That is the hardest part for me.

There are many days during pregnancy that I feel like I don't do anything.
Some days that is true - I pretty much lay around, avoiding all the things I "need" to do, and I feel like a lazy bum.  Those days usually end with me feeling pretty lousy about my lack of productivity combined with discouragement knowing that I couldn't have done much more.

I usually make some comment to Husband about how lazy I am and apologize for not getting anything done.  His response always is "you didn't do nothing - you're growing a baby."

Yes I am.
I am growing a baby.
And that's pretty hard work.

And so this fifth and final time around, I have finally learned to give myself the break Husband has been telling me to give myself for many years.  It is OK if I'm not doing all the things I normally do.  Like today -  got kids on the bus, cuddled with the other two in my bed to watch cartoons for a couple hours, sat on the porch watching kids play, sat on the couch when it got too hot to be outside, watched some more cartoons in the afternoon...

Not every day is like that, but some days are. 
And it's OK.
In fact, it's OK if I spend a day doing nothing but laying on the couch - because I'm not doing nothing.  I am growing a baby. 

And that's a pretty important thing to do.
And I am so grateful that I get to do it.

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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Love this post :) I feel the same way most of the time. I have had a very "easy" pregnancy and feel fortunate that it's been that way, but I still beat myself up when Grant gets home and I realize I've done "nothing" all day some days. Growing a baby IS hard work! But I love it.

Julie J. said...

I heard that the work it takes a body to grow a baby is equivalent to the work it takes a body to climb Mt. Everest.
So, even when you are sitting on the couch watching cartoons, your body is doing hard work!