Monday, December 21, 2009

So...Happy Blog Birthday

Today So Buttons is 1 year old.
Here are some highlights from the past year:

December 2008: I broke off from my family blog and posted my first So Buttons post. I also told you a little about me.
January 2009: I made some resolutions for 2009 and started WSMGS Pick of the Weeks.
February 2009: The nesting phase of pregnancy kicked in and I began my quest of cleaning my house in 5 weeks before the baby came.
March 2009: I explained why I went on a crazy cleaning spree and then I gave birth to Third Daughter
April 2009: I discovered Poetic Asides and participated in the April PAD Challenge. I also began doing letter projects with the Daughters in an attempt to spend quality time with them, and talked a little bit about life in the fast lane.
May 2009: Nan came into my life, and by the way she's doing great. I also talked a little about lists and being sleepy. Oh, and who could forget my glorious "green" drink?
June 2009: I realized (again) that I wouldn't change anything about my life if I could and talked about figuring things out. I also had an incident with a barking garbage can.
July 2009: I visited the Goonie House and got philosophical about tennis and motherhood.
August 2009: I grew a child-sized zucchini, I had an unfortunate incident while Husband was away working, wrote about why I write, and I confessed of the realities and struggles of being a mother.
September 2009: It happened on my birthday, I spent way too much time on my 200th post, I fell in love with this yummy salad, and went here with Husband.
October 2009: I shared some Husbandly insights into my soul, talked about prayer and parenthood, shared an apology slip free of charge, talked about why I blog, jumped on the photoshop bandwagon, and shared some thoughts about my day job.
November 2009: I sported the Doc Martins, got sentimental about a certain sleeping baby, had an awesome girls night out, and wrote this for the Poetic Asides PAD Chapbook Challenge.
December 2009: I started Monday Memories, Write Away prompts, and shared some Christmas Picks from WSMGS.

Thank you to those of you who actually read this little blog 'o mine.

I'm gonna let it shine :)

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hannah said...

so glad you started this blog. i always love reading!