Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So...figuring it out

Everyone loves getting a compliment.
Especially when it's unexpected.
It just makes me feel good and like I can be even better.

I had a really great compliment given to me the other day from my cousin. We were talking about parenting and the struggles of having young kids. We are on similar tracks with our kids. We both had our first two a little under 2 years apart and we both have only girls. So, of course we always have a lot to exchange and talk about when we get together.

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that the transition from one to two kids was really hard for me. I really struggled for almost the first whole year of Second Daughter's life. It all is somewhat of a blur. It makes me sad to think of all the time I wasted not being happy. I'm still not exactly sure why I had such a hard time dealing with life, but things seemed difficult for various reasons. The transition into toddlerhood was difficult for me to handle. Being tired was at a whole new level with two kids that wouldn't sleep through the night. For some reason after having my second kid I had some kind of identity crisis (not sure what that was about). Needless to say, things have been quite a bit different this time around - thank goodness!

My cousin, after having her second daughter last December, was asking me some questions the other night about why things are different for me after the third. We were talking about various parenting techniques, organizational skills, tips and tricks, etc. etc. I gave her what little advice I have from my experience and admitted that I still don't really know anything about being a mom and I have a lot to figure out still. (Here comes the great compliment) She told me that's what I was good at - figuring things out.

I know it may be silly that I took this as such a great compliment, but I did! I care more about my ability to change my situation and figure things out, than my actual ability to know things or do things in the first place. That's what life is all about! Learning, growing, and figuring things out. Now, I repeat - I have A LOT to figure out still about life and being a mom - but boy do I have more confidence now knowing that I might be pretty good at figuring things out. I might acutally have some hope! :)

Thank you Allison!

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Sandy said...

Megan, we all figured you out aloooong time ago. You are beautiful, vivacious, talented and a wonderful friend and support to others. We love having you in our grand family.