Saturday, April 4, 2009


I found this FABULOUS poetry blog called Poetic Asides. Check it out when you get a chance or just looking for something to read.

I have always enjoyed writing poetry but have never really shared anything I've written with anyone. I don't even let Husband read my poems (unless they are about him and I know he will like it :) ). I guess there's just something personal about poetry that makes me nervous to share it....? I don't know.

This blog is giving daily poetry prompts for the month of April. About 50 of the poems submitted will be published - which is very cool and exciting, but not the reason I am participating. I just thought I would jump at the opportunity to improve my writing and hopefully end April with a couple poems worth keeping :).

Because of my daily cleaning lists last month leading up to Third Daughter's birth, I thought I would share this poem (!!) with those of you who actually read this blog. Remember, I don't share my poetry - this is a very rare opportunity!

The prompt is "The problem with ________" (fill in the blank).
Here it goes....(breathe)

"The Problem with Nesting"

I am eight months pregnant and carrying
an extra forty pounds. There is also a baby
in the somewhere. Why is it now
that I want more than anything to scrub
the floorboards? My hands and knees and belly
on the floor. Scrubbing.
This doesn’t make sense to me.
When I am thin and fit and able
to run six miles a day, I can hardly
lift my hand to wipe the counter. But now
that I have scrubbed every micro-spec
of dirt and dust in my house
while eight months pregnant, I will always know
not only that I am able to clean, but that
my house really was that dirty.

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Kevin & Joy Herring said...

Thank you! You are an amazing woman.