Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Memories 003: Christmas Edition

Christmas Eve 2008

I love so many things about this picture.
1. they are clean
2. they are reading together
3. they are snuggly in their new Christmas jammies
4. they brought their Christmas pillows with them to read
5. I can practically feel my pregnant belly thinking back to that Christmas.

Kids make Christmas so special. I love watching them throughout the season. I love watching them talk to each other and get excited about Santa, presents, and telling each other the real Christmas story. Kids are awesome.

Christmas 2008 had a few firsts. It was the first year we got a flocked Christmas tree. It was beautiful, but it may remain our first and last year getting a flocked tree. It was our first year with Christmas pillow cases. The girls love their holiday pillow cases - a little something extra special. It was the first year of the Christmas sister sleepover. They have slept in the same room since. It was also the first year that we realized Santa actually like Egg Nog better than milk at our house.

That year we were really concerned about First Daughter waking up at night and finding the presents Santa brought. We set up a baracade of chair in the hallway that she would have a difficult time getting past. We placed a picture of Mom & Dad on top of the barricade so she would know to come find us. I don't think she even woke up in the middle of the night, but Husband and I thought we were very clever.

Christmas 2008:
Christmas book - This Is the Stable
Christmas movie - Charlie Brown Christmas
Family Game - Jenga (from the Yuans)

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