Friday, October 9, 2009

So...husbandly insights into my soul

"You always have a plan in your head. If things don't go along with your plan, it's written all over your face. Just stick to your plan."

{to the kids}
"Mom is like a cat. If you back her into a corner, she'll strike."

{text message conversation}
M: I'm just feeling emotional today. I don't know why.

D: What is your plan for tonight?

M: Nothing really.

D: Do you need to go out with a friend?

Husband has an amazing gift to just get it when it comes to people. How thankful I am that he gets me and can fill me in :)


Julie J. said...

That dude is good at everything he does, including being your husband.

Anonymous said...

You're lucky you have friends you can go out with!! Ha, I'm pathetic....I loved having conversations like those through text.