Thursday, July 23, 2009

So...You Goonie!

I really am surprised it took me so long to blog about this.

I was so excited to visit Oregon last month for a family reunion, but ESPECIALLY excited to visit Astoria, home of The Goonies, and a few of the sites from the movie.

Can't you just picture Data zip-lining out the upper right window of the above house right into the screen door of the below Goonie house?

These two houses really are next door to each other and as the above sign states, they let visitors walk right up. The only thing missing is the mousetrap gate entrance out front with Chunk doing the Truffle Shuffle.

And a few miles down the road is Cannon Beach, where the beach/ocean scenes were filmed.
Can't you just picture One-Eyed Willie's ship sailing in from the left?


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