Thursday, August 20, 2009

So...Husband I miss you already

We don't have set jobs in our household.
There are not certain things expected of Husband to do or certain things I'm expected to do.
I don't really believe in that.
That's not how we roll.

However, there are things that we tend to do more often than the other.
For instance, Husband usually mows the lawn - although I have taken my turns and I quite enjoy it.
And I usually do the laundry, but Husband definitely helps load or fold now and then.
That being said...

One of the jobs Husband tends to do more than I is clean up after Dog.
Ok, I admit...I avoid it at all cost.
So of course, last night, while Husband is away...
Dog had to go and mess on the carpet.

Husband, I appreciate you and all you do for me
more than you know...
Please come home soon!

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E and J said...

LOL. I'm sorry! Have a good weekend with just the girls