Saturday, April 25, 2009 in the fast lane

The common question these days is "How is life with three?" and my answer to that is it feels like I'm living in the fast lane. Not in the normal, crazy-party-girl-lifestyle sense that the phrase is usually used, but I literally feel like I'm living in the fast lane. More specifically, I feel like I am driving 100+ mph on a freeway, weaving in and out of oncoming traffic with no brakes. That is how I feel with three young children. As of now, I am doing great, but I worry that if I takes my eyes off the road for a second (or breathe for that matter) I might crash. Ok, I know that is a little dramatic and extreme, but it's the best way to describe it.

As crazy as it is, having three kids is actually more fun than scary - very rewarding, very exciting, very busy, and very exhausting. Life just seems to be FLYING by faster than ever and there never seems to be enough time in the day. Phew! I'm getting exhausted just thinking about it!

There are four things that have made the transition to three children smoother than I expected and that I am extremely grateful for:
#1 - I had almost a full month of love, help, support, and company from my mother and mother-inlaw. That was AMAZING. I was able to get a lot of rest and could slowly work my way up to juggling all three kids at once. Such a blessing that they were willing and able to here. #2 - Third Daughter is an amazing baby. She sleeps well, does not cry very much, when she does cry she is easy to console, and she loves to be snuggled. She is an angel and that is such a HUGE blessing. #3 - First and Second Daughters have adjusted extraordinarily well. No jealousy, no abnormal fits or tantrums, no possesiveness. Again, HUGE blessing that I am extremely grateful for. #4 - my AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, LIFESAVING Husband. He truly is my strength. He is the reason I have these three beautiful children and he is the reason that I try to be a better person everyday. He is extremely supportive, serves me and our daughters constantly, and loves us so much. He is the biggest blessing in my life and I COULD NOT get through each day without him.

Bottom line, I am one incredibly blessed girl who has an amazing family. I am thankful each day for all that I have, the love that I feel, and for the wonderful people I have in my life. And I can honestly say that I love the life I live!

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