Wednesday, September 9, 2009 happens

Today is my birthday.
I didn't realized it was 09-09-09 until yesterday.
I think I was the last person to figure that out.
I'm not telling you this in request for birthday wishes,
this is just important background information to the following story that has already made this birthday unforgettable.
Not that I'm slow...only that it is my birthday...

After I dropped First Daughter off at Preschool this morning, like I always do on Wednesdays, I got the other Daughters buckled in the stroller to go on a run. It is a gorgeous day and we live by an amazing river trail that was calling my name. Shortly after I started running a got a few phone calls & texts wishing me happy birthday. (Thank you everyone!) One of them was from a dear friend and neighbor. She asked me where I was, when I was going to be home, and all those types of questions that implied she had some sort of birthday surprise for me. I gave her all the info and returned to my run, a little excited about what she had planned.

When I was on my home, about 1 mile from my house, I spotted a little purple and white polka-dotted gift bag sitting on the side of the trail. I thought "Oh she's so sweet! She ran down the trail to leave me a little surprise." I admit, I was a bit giddy.

I picked up the pace a little to reach my prize faster. I couldn't tell what it was, but thought it was a treat of some sorts. Probably chocolate.

On closer inspection, when I picked up my little prize, I realized that this treat was not from my friend at all, but was actually a nice little treat someone's dog had left on the side of the trail that the owner so nicely gift wrapped and left there.


Seriously, who does that? Who picks up their dog's business in a gift bag?
Who knows, maybe it was a birthday gift to me from someone who doesn't like me very much.
I guess that's a possibility.
But again, who does that?

Just to be clear - today I picked up gift wrapped dog poop.

Happy Birthday to me.


E said...


Julie J. said...

How unfortunate that you would see that ON your birthday... I would have totally thought it was for me too.

The Hungry said...

ROFL is right! But that is gross and yeah "who does that?!"

MommyMert said...

Well, it is the gift to be remembered.

marykaye said...

this made me laugh so hard... i am so sorry that happend but seriously ROFL!!!! you are too funny...

Staci said...

I am so lame that I don't know what ROLF means, but this story is too weird! So funny!
Happy Birthday indeed!

Marianne Hopkin said...

I think I'll get my next supply of doggy bags at the Party Store! This story is too funny to have it happen only once.
Other than that, Meggie, how was your birthday? We were thinking of you all day. We love you so much.

hannah said...

oh my heavens. that is really gross...but really funny.

hope you had a marvelous birthday!