Thursday, August 27, 2009


I have become a true believer in writing.
Writing anything.

Especially about my life, who I am - my thoughts, dreams, memories, family - and any other form of journal writing. Not because I should for posterity, even though I think that is true and very important, but because I need to. Writing is extremely therapeutic for me. There are two stages of the writing process that make me love writing and need to write.

Stage 1: spilling my guts onto the page.
Getting everything out and organized on a page helps me make sense of my thoughts and feelings. Most of the time it helps me find a solution. Sometimes the solution is just to write it down. Writing, especially poetry, has really cured me of some major emotional frustration. For that reason alone, I will keep doing it.

Stage 2: rereading reminds me who I am and how far I've come.
When I go back a read things that I have written, I am uplifted. Being able to return to those times and feelings helps me to either see how far I've come, or reminds me of what truly is important. Every time I reread things I've written I am so glad that I took the time to write it.

Last night I went back and reread this one and I felt like a new woman.

Have you ever written a self-declaration? Who you are, what makes you you, what's important to you, and what you are passionate about? If you haven't, you should. Go do it now. Take the time and do it. You will be so glad you did - time and time again.

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