Thursday, June 26, 2014

So...Girl Mix 2014

We're getting ready to leave on a week long vacation/road trip tomorrow and I'm getting our music all ready to go for our sixteen hour drive.  We have a collection of girl mixes in our library now which totals about 640 minutes of fun, girly songs.  That's eight hours.  That's awesome.

Right now I'm re-burning all our mixes to CDs that are scratch free.  We don't want to be disappointed with skipping discs mid road trip.  (I'm still boycotting digital music in the car - it drives Husband crazy).

We will be listening to:
Girl Mix 2010
Girl Mix 2011
Girl Mix 2012
Girl Mix 2013
Girl Mix 2013.2

and our new -

Girl Mix 2014
Billy Jean::Michael Jackson
Hey Ya!::Outkast
On Top of the World::Imagine Dragons
Best Day of My Life::American Authors
Let It Go::Demi Levato
Love Somebody::Maroon 5
That Things You Do::The Wonders
Good Feeling::Flo Rida
Wannabe::Spice Girls
Price Tag::Jessie J
Burn::Ellie Goulding
Story of My Life::One Direction
Live Like There's No Tomorrow::Selena Gomez & The Scene
Who I Am::Natasha Bedingfield
Chasin' the Beat of My Heart::Ross Lynch
I Never Told You::Colbie Caillat
Unconditionally::Katy Perry
A Thousand Years::Christina Perri
Me and You::Laura Marano
Keep On Dancing::Barbie

Girl Mixes have been a fun tradition.  We make one every year (except two in 2013).
The summer mixes are a little more rare.  Those are a little more selective and are my most favorite songs that I never get sick of listening too.

We have two summer mixes we will also be listening to on this trip:
Summer 2011
Summer 2014

I just realized that I never posted the playlist for the Summer 2011 mix (what?!), which I really need to do because it is our family's most favorite mix ever.  We by far listen to that one the most.

Well there you go.
Lots of great music gonna be listened to over here. may also like::
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Spencer and Ashley said...

Sooo about summer mix 2011?? Haha!! It was fun catching up on your blog!! You all look amazing!!