Saturday, July 6, 2013

So...Summer::Week Five

::husband's twin brother's family here::
::lots of cousin time::
::harry potter day camp::
::children's discovery gardens::
::backyard play time::
::creepers slammer and spiders::
::trip to evanston for fireworks::
::hot tubbing::
::OB appointment::
::knee boarding::
::swimming in utah lake::
::movie night::
::cousin sleepover::
::violin lesson::
::more boating::
::more tubing::
::broken AC::
::birthday party at splash pad::
::neighborhood flag raising ceremony::
::fourth of july::
::homemade granola bars::
::just dance 4::
::painting t-shirts::
::hobbytown usa::
::family bbq::
::remote control car::
::hot air balloon festival::
::tons of family blog updating::
::crazy thunderstorm::
::playing in the rain::
::movie night::
::a baptism::
::neighborhood bbq::
::homemade ice cream::
::more fireworks::
::more rain:: may also like::
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