Saturday, November 10, 2012

So...Saturday Night Fever

Remeber how it was 70 degrees the other day?
Well, this is what we woke up to::
A gorgeous fresh thick blanket of white snow. 
Call me crazy, but I love when it snows like this.
The kiddos were ready for snow angels and snow ball fights at 7:30 am.
It was quite impressive.
I helped each of them, one by one, dress head-to-toe in snow gear.
I plopped Son in his high chair on the front porch to eat Cheerios while I shovelled the driveway and walkway.
Whenever he got fussy, First Daughter would give him a taste of fresh "clean" snow.
He seemed to love it.
The rest of the day was full of the kiddos playing in the snow, with a few hot chocolate breaks.
I got some grocery shopping and lots of cuddles with Son in.
Husband was home with us, which makes Saturdays so awesome.
Tonight Husband's at the BYU game.
With all that snow on the bleachers, their bums must be freezing!
I hooked him up with a bunch of hand warmers. 
Hopefully he's actually using them and they are actually helping.
The kiddos and I stayed home for a night in.
First Daughter invited a friend over for a late-over.  A genius substitution for sleepovers.
We had taco soup, watched a couple movies, and then had a dance party.
Here's our sassy dance crew::
Check out their sweet moves::
Son is sleeping away soundly in his crib.
Oh how I love him and wish I was up there cuddling with him...
Does anyone else wish weekends lasted longer????
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Hannah said...

Darling dance moves. hehe. Love those little girls of yours. And little M is a doll, too.

Our Saturday was much less exciting. Being sick kinda puts a damper on things.

Kathy said...

So fun!