Sunday, November 11, 2012

So...A Resemblance

Son, 8 months old, October 2012
When I took this picture of Son, I immediately thought of the following picture of Second Daughter.
Second Daughter, 6 months old, October 2007

When did this baby grow up????
The fact that babies grow up is one of the great tragedies of life.
I mean, I love my kiddos at every stage, but oh how I wish they could stay babies just a little longer.

It's fun seeing the family resemblance in our kiddos.
It's fun to see how the "look" of our family develops with each kid.
It's fun how they all look so different, yet they all look alike.

I love that.

And I think this may be one of my favorite series of pictures taken of any of my kids.
My heart aches when I look at these.
Because I love Second Daughter so much, and because it's so sad that our little babies grow up.
This time in Second Daughter's life went by way too fast and I wasn't ready for that.

Tonight I think I'll take an extra moment or two to soak in our little people just how they are now.
I'll smooch their chubby cheeks, tickle their tummies and toes, nibble on their fingers, cuddle them close, squeeze their little bodies, and whisper "I love you"s into their tiny ears.

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