Friday, November 9, 2012

So...Here Batta Batta

Another Friday night.
My favorite night of the week.
Last Friday Husband and I spent the night at Mountain West Burrito and then the batting cages.  The warm summeresque evening and the batting cages reminded me of days before marriage and four kids.  It was such a fun date.
I have only been to the batting cages one other time.  Years ago with Husband before he was my husband.  I don't remember much from that date, but I do remember being scared of the fast ball and hitting very few of them.  This date was much more successful.  I hit almost every one!  Perhaps I have grown a little more confident in my age and was not as distracted trying to impress a boy.  :)
Tonight we are going to see the latest 007.
Husband is thrilled.
I am too. 
I get to be with him, and that's my favorite thing to do.
I'm one lucky girl.
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