Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So...These Days

The weather has been incredible in these parts.
It is uncharacteristically warm for this time of year in Utah.
Today its about 70 degrees, the sun is shining, and there is not a cloud in the pretty blue sky.
I know it won't last long, but for now we are enjoying it.

On days like today, Second Daughter will frequently say something like, "today is a perfect day to go to the park!"
She is so full of love for life and enthusiasm.
Sometimes it exhausts me, but most of the time it is contagious.
I am so thankful for Second Daughter and all the wonderful things she brings into our family.

She has such a tender heart and is so very sweet. 
She's tries hard everyday to make good choices. 
She is quick to forgive and eager to laugh and play.
She cares deeply about her relationships, especially within our family. 
Every day she prays that our family will always be together.
She tells me quite frequently that she will never leave me and that she will miss me when she goes to college.
She is my cuddle bug and definitely shows and feels love through physical affection.
She is sensitve and caring.
She has the most amazing memory.
She keeps me on my toes as a mother - keeps me thoughtful and careful about my interactions with my children. 
For this I am thankful, even though some days it is challenging.

I am so very thankful for Second Daughter and all that I am learning by being her mother.
I am learning very important things about love, tolerance, friendship, forgiveness, happiness, and putting the most important things first from her example and from being her mother. 

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The Yuan Fam said...

We love Second Daughter too!! Great picture!!! I love that it's her face you can see so clearly in the blurry surroundings.