Saturday, October 27, 2012

So...Saturday Swimming

The kiddos are taking swim lessons!
Indoor swim lessons are pretty fun and a great way to spend Saturday mornings when the weather starts getting chilly.

I think watching my kids swim is one of my favorite things to do.
I get so proud my eyes and nose start to tingle and I start involuntarily laughing.
I sat up in the balcony with all the other parents and beamed at my kiddos.

First Daughter jumped right in the deep end with her "crawl stroke" class. 
She's the veteran and she seems way too grown up to be my Bear.

Second Daughter's the timid swimmer of the family.
It was a triumphant first swim lesson.
She hopped right in the water with her class, leaned her head back during an assisted back float, floated with a noodle by herself, did a star float on her stomach, went all the way under water multiple times, and crept her way to the deep end holding onto the side.
All of which were HUGE accomplishments for this girl who wouldn't even let go of me with a life jacket on this summer.
I was so very proud of her.
The best part - she was so very proud of herself.

Third Daughter is fearless and was born to swim.
I loved watching her swim all over the shallow end and through the hula hoop.
She is so happy in the water.

I love that in that super loud, echo-y indoor pool facility, I could hear my kids from the balcony every time they yelled "Mom!"
I love that I could be there for their proud moments.
I love that their sweet voices pierced their way through the crowd to my ears.

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