Monday, April 30, 2012


This morning I woke up to cuddles from Husband.
It was the best way to wake up.  Ever.

Later this morning Third Daughter, Son, and I enjoyed the beautiful spring sun on the river trail. We walked for a bit, and then stopped to swing. And swing. And swing.

Third Daughter requested "One for the money" underdogs and giggled when I said "whee!" each time she whizzed by me.  I tried to tickle her toes with each push, which made her wiggle and giggle even more.  Son lay in the stroller, gazing up at the trees, much like First Daughter did when she was a baby.  That girl could sit and stare at trees for hours...

I looked up and saw this:

I looked down and saw this:

I am so incredibly grateful for the beauty that surrounds me.
The river trail is a little slice of home to me. 
I can feel the childhood memories that yearn to be made there. 
It is so very special.

A sweet man came up to us on the trail and said, "Sorry I'm late!  Here's the bread for the ducks."
No, we weren't expecting him, but Third Daughter was super excited he shared his bread with us. 
So were the ducks.

It's nice when life slows down enough, even for a short moment, to just enjoy being together.  First Daughter and I had lots of time like this together.  With Second Daughter, it was less, and with Third even less. 

I'm really trying to acknowledge these sweet moments we have together, because these are some of the best parts of motherhood.  But as our kids grow up, and our lives get busier, they are becoming less easy to create, and less easy to recognize.  But they are still there.  For sure, they are there.  Everyday.  And the more I seek for, recognize, and acknowledge them, the more I find them.

We had PB&H for lunch.  Never been a big fan of jelly, so honey it is in this house.  We paired the sandwiches with cinnamon apples and Cape Cod potato chips.  The girls ate their lunches outside on the grass while I watched through the window with Baby Boy.  He showered me with twinkly eyes and yummy smiles.  And I didn't even ask for them.

Now the house is quiet. 
All except the rumble of the dryer and the menu to Dumbo repeating in the other room. 
First Daughter is still at school (on her first field trip ever! - to the zoo).
Second Daughter is at a friend's.
Third Daughter and Son are both napping.

I think I will avoid my housework and curl up with my book.

Life is so good.

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