Friday, February 25, 2011

So...25::When I Love Them The Most

This assignment was tough for me.
It was hard to pin point when I love them the most.
It was even harder to figure out how to shoot it. Tricky tricky.

I'm not sure if this is when I love Third Daughter the most, but it sure is one of my favorite versions of her.

::after naps.

::she has glazed eyes
::and rosy cheeks.
::she gives me lots of kisses. {this may or may not be her payment to get out of the crib.}
::she pretends she can't see me.
::she pretends I can't see her.
::she's extra cuddly and lovable and ready to snuggle mom-mom.

I'm sure you can see why I love this. may also like:
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The Yuan Fam said...

I wish so badly that Maya was cuddly after her naps. I hear every kid is different! Maybe this one will be my cuddle bug!