Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So...obviously I've been thinking a lot lately about motherhood. I've kind of gone on a kick of writing it all down and sharing it with all of you.

What inspired this?
Truly, I'm not really sure.
I think it has something to do with me wanting to refocus on my family and wanting to be better than I am. Maybe it has something to do with wanting to fill my life with positive things and get rid of the negative. Maybe it has something to do with the whirlwind my life has been the past few months. Maybe it's because I know some changes need to be made.

Now, those of you who have seen me in person lately {especially around my kids} may notice that I am not doing so well at remembering the things I'm learning or at taking my own advice.

I just want you to know that I do not think I know everything {or very much for that matter} about motherhood. I am learning. Everyday. I have many weaknesses in the motherhood department. There are many characteristics needed in motherhood that I do not think come naturally to me.

And so, I am working, and trying, and learning.

I hope my posts are not coming across like I think I'm some sort of mothering expert. In fact, who really is? I will be the first to admit {and warn you} that I am in fact not. Most days I feel like a kid playing house. Most days I feel like a kid period. A very immature kid.

But other days I recognize that I am in fact an adult, I am in fact a mother, and I in fact do want to be a good mother. And so, I'm trying to figure out how to be a little better everyday. For my kids' sakes.

Writing it down helps me figure out what I'm really thinking. Writing it down helps me make sense of it. Writing it down helps me remember. A perfect example of some of the reasons why I write.

So...if I'm making you feel like a bad mother or that you're doing something wrong, please stop reading. If I sound like I think I'm a better mother than you, or anyone else, please come over to my house for a while and you'll see the reality of the situation. I have my good moments and bad moments like every other mother. And I am definitely not perfect.

Do I think my way is the only way? Absolutely not.
Do I think I have all the answers? HA! That's a negative ghost rider.

My hope is that as I sort though what I've already learned and what I am currently learning, I will continue to learn, grow, and keep my head on straight. I hope that something I share may be inspiring or uplifting to someone else. At the very least, I hope that some of the things I'm sharing are things that others can relate to and a way for us to connect.

After all, we all have some way to connect to each other through our experiences, even if we don't have the exact same circumstances.

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Christina said...

I think you sound like a great mom, Meg. I think part of the success in parenting comes from recognizing our own inadequacies and relying on Heavenly Father to help us become better. I love when people share their efforts to improve, so keep going! Thanks for the wise post. :)

MommyMert said...

Goo... no need to disclaim. Your blog, Your thoughts... plus you ARE a great Mom. :) Keep is coming.

Autumn said...

I think you're a great Mom and it shows in your sweet, little girls. I love reading these because it helps me reflect on my own mothering and where I need to improve. I too, hate my childs temper but of course he learned it from yours truly. I want to do better too.