Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Remember when I did letter projects with my kids like 10 years ago?
Ya - sometimes I get in overachieving-mom-mode.
Then I wonder what I was thinking.
And then I take a nap for a week.

But since Third Daughter is starting to get interested in letters, I thought we'd jump back on our Learning Letters wagon. 

Letter M!
M is for Monster:

These are the only pictures I took of them doing the project.
With three kids doing a project it gets a little tricky trying to take pictures for the sake of the blog :)

I drew a letter M.
They cut it out (I helped Third Daughter).
They glued the M onto another paper.
They decorated the M - using markers, googly eyes, pom-poms, feathers - to look like a monster.
First Daughter made hers look like the Monsters Inc. M.  It was very well done.
Third Daughter drew lots of arms on hers (as shown in the picture below).

We displayed the M's on the wall for a couple weeks.
The girlies always get so proud of their projects on the wall.
And that makes me a proud mama.

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