Saturday, June 29, 2013

So...Summer::Week Four

::a fun photo shoot::
::temple on stilts::
::swim lessons::
::volleyball camp::
::playing with friends::
::lowe's xtreme air sports::
::piano lesson::
::more friend time::
::family date night::
::monsters university::
::family time in the mornings::
::well check up::
::violin lesson::
::more friends::
::more swimming::
::more laundry::
::softball practice::
::slug bug game::
::naming song titles and artists on the radio::
::husband on two-night scout campout::
::friends over for after dinner hot tubbing::
::polly pockets::
::grocery shopping::
::night at the park with friends (sans husbands)::
::playing tag in the dark::
::salt water taffy::
::last softball game::
::house cleaning::
::100+ degrees::
::frosty frog::
::spontaneous date night::
::family comes!:: may also like::
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