Saturday, June 8, 2013

So...Summer::Week One

::backyard cookout::
::hot tubbing::
::first popcicles::
::rock climbing::
::laser tag::
::visits from grandparents::
::aunts and uncles::
::charcoal drawing with grandma::
::late night movie::
::musical fireside::
::angry birds day camp::
::extended family home evening::
::dentist appointments::
::piano lesson::
::bike riding::
::lots and lots of laundry::
::book group::
::movie night::
::horse day camp::
::seven peaks::
::late over::
::sleeping in::
::OB appointment::
::children discover garden at thanksgiving point::
::lunch with dad::
::hot dog dinner with cousins::
::family reunion picnic::
::birthday party::
::late night date night::
::softball double header::
::lemonade stand::
::homemade ice cream in a bag:: may also like::
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Kelly said...

Wowee! And I thought I was staying busy!

Meg said...

#1 my parents have been in town for a week so we have done lots of fun things with them, #2 trying to get fun things in while i still am feeling up to it (for the most part :) ).

i know for a fact i will not be able to keep up this pace. i'm exhausted!

Kathy said...

So much fun I bet you got most of your summer bucket list checked off in one week! Great times.

jules said...

You crammed a lot into that week! Especially being pregnant!! (This is Julie S, by the way)

Meg said...

I feel like I should also add that this technically was more than a week...

School ended on a Thursday, and we did all these things between then and the following Saturday. So more like a week and a half... :)