Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So...Meg's Mix 2004

Meg's Mix 2004
This Love::Maroon 5
Popular::Nada Surf
Crawling in the Dark::Hoobastank
Smooth Criminal::Alien Ant Farm
Hero::Foo Fighters
We All Float On::Modest Mouse
Mad World::Tears For Fears
The Reason::Hoobastank
Hold On::Good Charlotte
One Thing::Finger Eleven
Let Her Cry::Hootie and the Blowfish
Tribute::Tenacious D
Behind Blue Eyes::Limp Bizkit
Save Me::Dave Matthews Band
Remember to Breathe::Dashboard Confessional
Are You Gonna Be My Girl?::Jet
So Far Away::Staind

Yet another mix found among my stash of loose CDs hanging around this place.
I wanted to document it before I threw away. 
This is a really good one! 

I think I'll hold on to this playlist. 
I have a feeling it will be a great one to workout to post baby.
Or just a great one to blast during housework.
It would totally make it more fun!
Good music to rock out to.

I love remembering what music I liked to listen to at different points in my life.
This was post marriage, pre baby, end of college music.
I totally remember listening to and loving these songs!
Brings back good memories :) may also like::
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