Saturday, June 15, 2013

So...Summer::Week Two

::indoor campout::
::summer day camp::
::play with friends::
::an afternoon nap::
::family night picking dad up at the airport::
::reaching 100 degrees::
::trying to clean house post guests::
::piano lesson::
::book club movie night::
::great gatsby::
::late over::
::back yard completed::
::splash pad::
::more friend time::
::activity days::
::two mission calls::
::frosty frog::
::softball practice::
::hot tubbing::
::dentist appointments::
::cold tubbing with friends::
::discovering elmo::
::an afternoon visit from a friend::
::more late overs::
::sharing time prep::
::dinosaur day camp::
::lunch date with a friend::
::tarzan at scera outdoor theater::
::helping a friend prepare for a move::
::finding vintage treasures::
::softball game::
::husband installs a new garage door::
::a belated birthday party::
::date night::
::man of steel:: may also like::
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