Saturday, June 22, 2013

So...Summer::Week Three

::fathers day::
::first daughter + husband singing in church::
::dinner with future sister in-law::
::husband away on business::
::summer day camp::
::swim lessons::
::new rec center::
::housing cleaning::
::playing with friends::
::cold tubbing::
::water painting::
::porch time::
::hanging out in a diaper::
::flirting with the pool man :) ::
::half off appetizers late night at applebee's::
::piano lesson::
::dentist appointment::
::friend time::
::loads of laundry::
::pack night::
::poolside naptime::
::sonic happy hour::
::OB appointment::
::visiting teaching::
::neighborhood friends::
::late night birthday party::
::guys night out for husband::
::violin lesson::
::swimmer's ear::
::splash pad at riverwoods::
::afternoon naps::
::helping a friend prepare for moving sale::
::bridal brunch::
::softball double header::
::birthday party::
::shopping with a friend::
::date night:: may also like::
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Lexi Powell said...

So much fun! I'm sad we live so far apart.
Ty always asks me to buy him a big bag of peanuts when I go to Costco :) He would live that gift.