Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Memories 047::First Daughter Turns One

First Daughter, 1 year old, May 2006
I love these pictures of First Daughter.
They melt my heart.
She had just learned how to walk, had four teeth, and could say about 50 words.
This girl has been a smarty pants since the day she was born - the same day she captured my heart and changed my life forever.
For her first birthday party, we celebrated with some of her favorites - balls, balloons, and bubbles.
We made a soccer ball cake, had lots of bottles of bubbles for everyone, and had our friend do balloon art for all the kids.  He even made First Daughter an Elmo - another of her favorites.
We celebrated with some of our close friends and some cousins.
It made us happy to be able to celebrate with people we love.
And it means the world to us that they love us back :)
First Daughter was our world.
We absolutely loved being parents and loved having her as the center of our lives.
She made everything sweeter and life so much happier.
Our love grew deeper and our lives more meaningful as our little family was beginning to grow.
Motherhood truly is a miracle and I will forever be grateful for this sweet girl that made me a mama.
She still is a joy (which appropriately is her middle name) in our lives and in our family.
She is honest and kind, hard working and thoughtful.
Her sisters and brother adore and look up to her, as do her parents.
She is wise beyond her years and has inherited her father's gift of understanding and loving people unconditionally.  I am so glad because that is my favorite thing about her father.

I am amazed by her constantly and feel so lucky to be her mom.
She makes me a better person and I love her oh so much.

This week our baby girl turns eight years old.
I can hardly believe it.
She is growing up so fast and it is so wonderful to be a part of it.

Husband took her on a daddy/daughter road trip this weekend.
We miss them terribly but I am so glad they were able to make those special memories together.
I can't wait to snuggle this girl again tonight when they get home. may also like::
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