Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So...Over the Weekend

road tripping with Dad and loving every second.
 in the "cold" tub with cousin while it fills up.
spent three hours holding this new cousin of ours
and more time holding another new baby cousin.
i was very jealous.
 last soccer game of the season.  she was so proud to have "won" a medal.
pony rides at Thanksgiving Point.
seeing "Jesus in outer space"
Temple Square.
 Third Daughter informed us that Adam & Eve turned to stone when they looked at the evil queen.
biggest tulips I've ever seen.  they were as big as her head!
Not pictured::
::a baby blessing.
::visiting with friends.
::visiting great-grandparents.
::stake conference.
::a birthday cupcake hunt.
::Sunday pizza dinner.
::face time with our other half.

P.S. I was brought to tears by a few very sweet and thoughtful notes that were sent to me in response to my daily battle.  Thank you so much - they mean the world to me.

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summer said...

It looks fabulous, Megan!!

Julie J. said...

Is that Mari's baby? I didn't know she had him. When did that happen?