Saturday, May 4, 2013

So...Spring Cleaning::Master Bedroom

Spring cleaning got put on the back burner for a couple weeks while we entered project mode.
We've been getting our backyard completely redone, a window converted to a door, tile in a bathroom, shelves in the garage, painting done in a bathroom, laundry room, and Son's room, and other little projects on the side.
It has been a little nuts around here, but we've crossed some big things off the top of our home wish list and it has been awesome!

But I haven't forgotten about my goal to spring clean and to declutter this house.
At this rate, spring cleaning will turn more into summer cleaning, but it's all good.
It'll get done and that's all that matters.

For this week of Spring Cleaning, we are moving into the --

Master Bedroom
Day 1::clean up.  put everything away.  take everything out of your room that does not belong in there.  throw away all trash.  put all clothes away.  straighten night stands.  do you have a pile of out-of-season clothes that need to be put into storage?  put them away in storage.  vacuum.  wash all bedding.  flip your mattress.  make your bed.

Day 2::dust & wipe. dust all surfaces.  dust all picture frames and decorative items.  if any of these items you are having second thoughts about, take them down and move them out.  de-clutter.  dust lamps, fans, bedposts, headboards, TVs - everything.

wipe all baseboards and/or chair rails.  wipe the walls and doors.  don't forget the doorknobs and light switches.

Day 3::windows, glass, & blinds. get out the windex and paper towels and go to town on all the glass.  wipe the blinds.  if you have curtain that can be washed, wash them.  if not, then vacuum them.

Day 4::book shelves & night stands. take everything off the shelves.  wipe the shelves.  only put back the things that you love and want to keep.  only hang on to books you will read again.  anything you are unsure about, get rid of it.  put it in the donate bag or save for later bag.  anything that does not belong on your bedroom shelves, put it away where it belongs.  put everything back in a neat, organized fashion.

repeat with your nightstands.  clean out the drawers.  clean off the surfaces.  throw away trash. 

Day 5::fix it's.  is there anything in your bedroom that needs to be fixed that you've been putting off?  burned out light bulb?  broken light switch plate?  unfinished paint job?  broken anything??? do you have pictures you've been planning on putting on your walls and haven't had a chance to?

fix whatever you can right away.  if you are missing supplies or lacking time, make a plan to get what you need and schedule a time to fix it.  you'll be glad you did.  :) may also like::
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Spencer and Ashley said...

This is great! I bet it feels so awesome to get these things done! I really like these posts, I think I'm gonna print these out and keep them for when the clutter starts to build up. I find myself always trying to tackle everything at once. It gets overwhelming and discouraging because I can't realistically get it done. This is a perfect way to get it done while functioning in normal everyday activities. I just love it!