Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Memories 031::Mom & Me

November 2011

This time last year we were recovering from our Thanksgiving feast.
This time last year we were weeks away from meeting our first born son.
This time last year the air was crisp and the sun was still warm.
This time last year the leaves were still falling and crunchy under our steps on the ground.
This time last year I was entering my nesting phase.
This time last year I was preparing for a Christmas on the road and checking my lists twice.
This time last year Cousin Andrea took these sweet mom & me photos that I will forever cherish.

Something in me so badly wanted to capture some shots with my girlies and their little brother in my belly.  They turned out so much sweeter than I ever imagined.  I wanted my girlies to have special pictures of just them and their mama.  Perhaps it was part of my maternal insticts - getting everything in order before our new arrival - who knows.  But I am so glad to have these precious moments recorded and that time of our growing family documented.

I am so incredibly blessed.
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