Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So...Where I Am

Today I am thankful for where I am in my life.
I was reading my thankful posts from last November and was overwhelmed with gratitude that I am here not there. 

This time last year I was really struggling.  I was battling feelings of depression.  I was trying desperately to focus on wonderful things in my life that I was thankful for to help pull me out of some pretty dark thoughts.  Those posts remind me of that sadness, but also remind me of the efforts I made.  It is always good to focus on the good.  This I know is true.

I'm so thankful that I am not feeling the same way now.  I am so thankful for that.

I definitely have my share of insecurities, negative thoughts, and sensitivities.
I try really hard to combat that everyday.
Like seriously combat them.
Sometimes they feel like a force stronger than I can hold off.
But I fight really hard, and most days I win.
Some days are more of a struggle than others.
I think this may be a battle that I fight for a really long time. 
Perhaps my whole life.
Maybe most people do...who knows?
But that doesn't really matter.
It's something that I deal with, and something that I am constantly learning from.
It is a trial, but a huge blessing that is strengthening my faith and teaching me to rely on the Lord.

I am so thankful for the growth that has occurred in my life over the past year.
I'm still in the process - I have in no way arrived.
I still feel myself learning and growing all the time.
Honestly, I hope I never stop that progression, even though I know that means more difficult times.
I definitely am not learning perfectly, but I am so thankful for how far I've come.
And I am so thankful for my husband, family, and friends that love me and help me keep my head on straight.
Unconditional love is an incredible blessing.

I am so thankful for the happiness that I feel right now in my life
and all the happiness life has to offer.

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Becky said...

I relate to this post. I love your thoughts and gratitude.

We got the CD's on Saturday. We got them on the iPod and we've listened to the Christmas mix....LOVE IT! And we are about halfway through Girl Mix 2011 and I love it too! Thank you so much Meg! All those songs are really going to help us stay warm this summer with awesome dance parties!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I remember sending that text :-)!! I wasn't THAT doped up. Ok, maybe I was, but I remember.

Christina said...

I can relate to this! I'm hoping next November I'm saying the same thing!