Monday, November 29, 2010

So...I know better

...than to blog when I'm feeling a bit down.
Yet here I am, doing it anyway.

Mostly to remind myself that when I am feeling down I need to:
1) check the calendar and see what time of the month it is
2) calculate the amount of sleep I've gotten in the past week or so
3) evaluate the food I've been putting into my body in that approximate same amount of time
4) calculate the amount of time I've recently invested into physical activity
5) try and remember the last time I really cried
6) check when my last journal entry was
7) evaluate the effort and time I'm putting into my spiritual health
8) evaluate my time focused on myself vs. my time focused on and serving others
9) remind myself who and what really matters the most

Whatever the reason for feeling a little bit down, going through this checklist helps me to keep things in perspective. Understanding some of the causes of depression (small or large cases) helps me know the solutions and how to avoid getting sucked into that ugly vortex of negativity and self-destruction.
It helps me be a bit more patient with myself.
It helps give myself a little bit of a break.
It just helps me be happier.

And on a much happier note...
We put up our Christmas tree tonight!
Husband and I both agree it's our most favorite tree yet.
We turned on Charlie Brown Christmas, lit the fire, strung the lights, ate donuts & milk, and hung the ornaments one by one while telling the Daughters each ornament's story.

We were busy making memories tonight and that makes this mama very happy.


Autumn said...

Thanks for this. I've been in a bit of a funk too. I'd like to add a #10 Evaluate how long it's been since I've seen the sun. I miss it!
I hope you're feeling better soon.

Julie J. said...

That sounds like a great evening. And now I want donuts.

MommyMert said...

Glad you enjoyed your tree... I would love to see it. Perhaps a play date? I just read Brother Ukdorfs talk from conference on what matters most. A good reminder. Your blog reminded me of it in a way. xo

Lexi said...

mmmm donuts :) You are so great, Megan!

What I Did Today said...

This is a really great check list. I think I'll go write this down because I KNOW there have been (and will be) times when it would have (or will) help big time! And yay for Christmas trees!!

Anonymous said...

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