Monday, November 19, 2012

So...Six Week Plan 2::Week 3

Mon = 30 min run/walk on treadmill, 2.5 miles
Tues = pilates at home
Wed = 30 min run on treadmill, 2.8 miles
Thurs = pilates at home
Fri = 30 min run/walk on treadmill, 2.5 miles
Sat = none
Sun = rest

I am still not counting my calories. 
I know that if I was it would make a huge difference.
I went to Twilight mid-week with some friends and of course got soda and fast food.  I'm not feeling very committed to no soda and no fast food (obviously) but I am more conscious of it and really have only had it on date nights and girls nights.  That's pretty good.

I was happy with my exercise.
It wasn't easy - I was sick and my baby was still a bit snotty - but I still got five workouts in.  So I would say that is a big success. 
I absolutely love running and love that I can run.

I'm not feeling very confident that I will reach my goal.
And quite frankly, I'm embarrassed that I'm blogging about any of this.
I guess I was hoping it would help motivate me and keep me accountable (which I guess it is a little).
But now I'm just a little embarrassed that I'm not making much progress, I've already given up on two of my goals (no soda and no fast food), and I get embarrassed that I'm even blogging about this.  Like seriously, who even cares?  Yet, I'm doing it anyway...I set a goal and I'm gonna see it through.  Whatever the outcome may be.

Weight Lost:: .6
Total Lost:: 1.2
Left to Lose:: 6.8

Goals for Next Week::
Keep trying.
Keep working out.
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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

I like that your blogging about it! So keep it up :) PS- if you WANT to count calories, I have found that the "my fitness pal" app is really good...has most foods preprogrammed in (even totally random stuff) and you can save recipes you make, etc. I did it for a few weeks...but then got pregnant so stopped. Anyways, I thought it was nice. Even on days I cheated I figured I should still keep track. There's also a weight tracker, etc. can just be conscious of it and not that crazy :) Good work! Running is awesome, I'm definitely thankful I can run too!
PS (this is the longest blog comment ever)-I'm in the stake YW presidency with a woman who's daughter plays lax at BYU right now...I checked it out and looks like we definitely paved the way to something much more legit than we had. But I'm still thankful for the fun we had!