Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So...I'm Holding the TV Hostage

Remember this phrase on our hallway chalkboard?
Totally not working.
We have been experiencing some crazy contention in our household for the past week or so.
This weekend it all came to a head.
I had had enough.
I banned the TV.
And computer.
And ipad.
And iphone games.
And music.  (except Primary songs & classical.)
All forms of electronics until further notice.
We must learn to get along.
I have to admit, I was a bit worried about my vow to keep us unplugged indefinitely.
There is a lot of time in the day that we just hang out at home.
And I am not anti-TV by any means.
The Disney channel is a daily watch over here.
But two days into our TV hostage situation, and so far so good.
As a matter of fact, it has been great.
Third Daughter and I have been playing lots of "horses" in the mornings, when we normally would cuddle up to watch a show.

Today our horsies were ice skating on the counter.
I was the mom and the dad.
She was the baby.
For some reason she kept forgetting that I was playing with her when I was sitting right across the counter from her holding the horses.
She kept saying "Play with me Mom! Play with me!"
She makes me laugh.
I think I was not playing the role of Mommy Horse and Daddy Horse very effectively.
Perhaps tomorrow I should stick to one.

We spent some time at the park again today during piano.
It was much chillier today than last week.
The kiddos didn't seem to mind much.

I, on the other hand, enjoyed the view from my warm car.  :)

And to add incentive to our hostage situation, we purchased the new Tinkerbell movie.
The girls have literally been talking about this every day and continuously remind me that it comes out on October 23rd.
Well, that was today.
Too bad they can't watch it.  (Mwah-ah-ah....)
But seriously - it's a great reminder and incentive for them to keep working on being kind to each other.
I'm sure it won't be too long before they can watch it.
Son had a blast shopping at Target for our new flick.
He thought the triple-seater cart was pretty sweet.
Tonight the girls spent an hour jumping on the trampoline - playing and laughing until it got dark.
It was the most beautiful sound in the world.
I'm hopeful that a break from the TV will help us be more kind and thoughtful to each other.
Not because they want to watch TV so badly, but because turning the TV off provides lots of opportunities to focus on each other and practice being kind.
And it for sure provides lots of reminders.
Each time they ask for a show, a game, whatever, I get to remind them why the answer is no.
And they say "oh right..."
I'm hoping that this will work...
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