Sunday, April 22, 2012

So...One Sweet Moment

While rocking Son in our Big Blue Chair this afternoon after church, my eye followed a single ray of sunlight from the crack between the curtain all the way to the speckled carpet on the floor.  I felt the overwhelming perfection of that one sweet moment.  

The house was still and quiet and rocking with my son felt as if we were in slow motion.  I could hear the distance laughs and shouts from the Daughters playing "Rocks-Paper-Scissors (and Lava)" outside on the trampoline and the squeaks, grunts, and swallows from my sweet babe in my arms.  I looked down at his plump cheeks and his glass-blue eyes.  While I held my arms strong around his squishy, irresistible body the words came to my mind -
This is my Son.
I have a Son.
What an incredible blessing.The gratitude I felt for my son, my three sweet daughters, and my loving husband was strong, tangible, as if I could grab it and hold on.  I filled my heart with silent prayers of gratitude, and then held my kiss on Son's cheek a little bit longer before wrapping him up and laying him in his crib.  The moment was perfect.  A sweet, tender gift from Heavenly Father reminding me of His love.

There really are not enough adverbs and adjectives to emphasize and express the love and gratitude I felt in that moment.

I am so incredibly grateful.


MommyMert said...

So beautifully put. I love you. ps... left some otterpops on your porch. ;)

Nathan said...


Autumn said...

So good to hear your thoughts and what you're doing!Aaron just saw this picture and said "Oh he's so cute!" He really is :)